Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This is also a test. 


This post is just a test. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Church Service

This morning early we arrived at the Church to take our turn at cleaning and vacuuming. 
(It was a bit of an adventure as there were many leaks from the rain storms we had to welcome Fall the last couple of days and we called to report them.)

Liked these laminated check off bathroom cleaning cards. They had my mind spinning about different "Zones" that could be set up at the Arapahoe House. 

Friday, September 23, 2016


Boy (3 1/2 yrs) Runs up and places something in my hand. "Mom, give this to Eva!"  Okay...
Now to track down the reported baby food jar (of 9 earth worms) dug up from a friend's backyard and left overnight in my children's bedroom. 
Things I never anticipated doing as a mother. He he. 

Ben Hur--or NOT. Movie Review.

Susan T'sien once went to China Town and remarked ," they looka like Chinese, but they not talka like Chinese."  Mandarins vs. kantonese. 

I really enjoy the Radio Theater version of Focus on the Family's version of Lew Wallace's Ben Hur. 

Joe and I went to the movie. Wikipedia suggests it is a "new adaptation". Yeah. 

$110 Million mistake to take a classic and make a dumb Hollywood "adaptation."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Provo High Homecoming Carnival

Look at the cute "Putin" Rebekah free-handed for this "Puttin' the Nose on Putin."
Rebekah and Sus and I had just come from the Eye Doctor and had eyes still very dilated, thus the sunglasses. 

Of the ten fish "won" at the carnival, two hearty gold fish remain.  Yes, it has been a long two weeks!

Family History--Your Story!

Hannah came home tonight with a genealogy chart filled out on her family! What an awesome thing to be connected through generations to men and women each with their own stories who help you define who YOU are!
So, what's your story? 
(As you can see--there is much Russian ancestry work to still be done.)

Sleepy Little Bugs

Parents bed is best! 

Do you see her?!
After looking and looking for my little sleeper who was not in her bed, I found her! Feet first.

Liam loves his "Dah-da!" the most--unless he is sick and 
then he is all Momma's!

Sleeping here is the best! 

Class Constitution

In Susie's class at school, they have been studying the Constitution of the United States and took turns adding lines of what they felt important as they composed their own Class Constitution.



This school year started out with having six children in five schools. Hannah attends BYU, Rebekah continues at PHS, Jonathan attends honors classes at Centennial Middle School in the morning and PHS every afternoon for SM2 (Math), Susue attends Provo Peaks' CAS program (Center for Accelerrated Studies), Eva was there also in First and is now a happy Homeschooler, and Liam attends Alphabet Adventures Preschool. 

As part Provo School District Petri' dish, we are building healthy immune systems by taking our share of all virus circulating--Croup (twice), viral cold/flu, ear infections and stomach flu.